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After Koupela

Updates by Michael Lavoie

Saturday Night Live.  In Dargo we returned from Koupela and immediately went to a traditional dance celebration. Hundreds of people and song and dance led by individual named "Kibsa" that means "party". He sang non-stop for nearly an hour in rhythmic chants that in turn welcomed guests, and raised awareness of issues from education to.   health to traditions. He also expressed repeated appreciation for the special gift from CMU that will repair the ambulance! I cannot stress enough the real and symbolic impact of that gift. You would have to be here to truly know it.  He further expressed appreciation for America through its representative, "Michelley". His chanting also included references to visiting America with me. Related to that, throughout the evening, in keeping with tradition, people would place small amounts of $ on the stage for the performers. (The same happened at BF's 50th event in Washington). His light-hearted remarks about visiting America, prompted me to later put a dollar bill there to show that he needs to learn about american currency!  It was very amusing.


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