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Updates by Michael Lavoie

Tuesday in Bobo delivered more special connections:
1. Visited and took pics at the Lycee where, in 1978, rpcv patricia thomas taught future Deputy  Minister of Secondary Education Dr. Maxime Some.

2. Lunch with Pcv's Josh and Rachel followed by late afternoon mtg at PC office with them and other pcv's anne, emily, austin,brianna, hayley and jennifer. Highlights included thoughtful discussions about their health, education and small business jobs and how they deal with difficulties of  language and occasional sense of isolation. Also learned that Anne is also a ND graduate and we discussed exciting possibility of her obtaining a CMU-like resolution from ND for her village. Josh is going home in a few weeks for a month or so at which time he may seek out a college resolution as well

3. Pcv's Josh and Jennifer joined us for dinner at Haoua's house. She had her 4 month old baby with her. From a certificate, we saw her bday was on february 16, the day of the namtenga celebration so we sang "Happy Birthday", and hopefully kicked off some good pc and BF relationships.

Wednesday will again meet with pcv's, attempt some rpcv skype hook ups and attend  a couple classes and meetings.

And thanks to Hayley and Emily for putting many of my pics on pacasa website. And their team as a whole was impressive with the now fully expected qualities of idealism, creativity passion and determination to achieve excellence in bf.

Picasa album from Emily & Hayley Thanks!!

Stay tuned for more news.