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Update #10

Updates by Michael Lavoie

Zigzagging in and from Bobo.
1. Visited the Girl's education class of rachel.  Part of the life skills program, the subject today was the various modes amd means of communication. Rachel had a nice rapport and engagement with the class of some 50 or so middle school girls. At one point I was asked to talk about the importance of communication for an attorney. It was also yet another occasion for brief observance of the 2 anniversaries. Rachel's presence was full of passion, humility and respect.

2. Spent 3 or so hours at the PC office with mixed blessings. Had a neat Skype connect with Bobo RPCV Beverly (71-72) and husband John, also a BF PCV , discussing nearby hippo lake, paved road changes and what it is like after pc, among other things.

Also, we had a little birthday party for Anne with burkina friends who gave her an english rendition of the song. And she received a FBF 50th teeshirt, proudly sporting it with fellow ND grad, myself.

The mix comes from news of civil unrest in our next stop of Koudougou, following a dispute over the death of a student after police arrest.  Pcv's have been withdrawn from Koudougou today for security reasons.  Thus, we won't be going to koudougou. We will zigzag to Ouaga for mtg with the Koudougou pcv's there.


Stay tuned for more news.