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Update #2

Updates by Michael Lavoie

Spent some time Tuesday morning with Meg from Cultural Affairs and Press Relations at State Dept at new US Embassy in Ouaga. She was interested in public diplomacy aspects of the FBF cross-continental tour. Gave her the informational logo and schedule and described Denny Fitzpatrick and other early connects so far and to come. Suggested she come to Namtenga or Dargo.  We'll see...

Aicha, Executive Assistant to Shannon Meehan, retrieved me to meet Floby's manager.  If you don't know it, Floby is a terrific and widely popular young musician in Burkina. His songs resonate with extraordinary hope, understanding and empathy for difficulties presented in life not just in Burkina but everywhere. His songs--"L'Esperance", "Nos Reves" and "Weedo" and "Keema" are particularly good. Some of them are available on youtube. Shannon is hoping that Floby will be able to do a song in celebration of the 50th. So, it was exciting to meet his manager, talk about Floby's music, and  present information to him about FBF.  I also happened to have a 50th logo teeshirt with me that I presented to him.

Tuesday evening Shannon Meehan hosted several PCV's for dinner at her house Also attending was a new PC Response volunteer named Mike who was recently a PCV in Cameroon. The dinner featured a delicious burrito buffet. Great conversations with vols about PC, their health, education, agriculture and small business work, creative programs and plans for the future. Also explored ways FBF can be more helpful in the future with career networking and "Creative Ideas" section on website.

And held first group skype session from Ouaga last night with Denny Fitzpatrick and John Sneed! Video was slow but audio was quite good.

At PC office,  Xavier has successfully resolved the laptop wireless connect issues for the roadtrip that begins Thursday morning, starting with the Celebration at Dargo. Geucoup de remerciments a Xavier


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