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Update # 4

Updates by Michael Lavoie

Sunday Morning Live.

1. The first visitor was Kibsa to express appreciation for attending last evenings event. We quipped about whose appreciation exceeded the other's. I asked him about how he was able to continually, rhthmyically, and seamlessly move for one ide to another. He explained that he sort of works from an outline of themes in his mind, not unlike an attorney. It was interesting as christophe and I had just spoken on Saturday about that technique (I use it too) for delivering speeches so one is not tied down to a script and limited in passion.   I would not be surprised if Christophe will similarly modify his approach to his community and other "discours" in the future.

2.  Church.  Attended church with Christophe's family. 3 elements of song, prayer and sermon, each packed with all the participation and punch you might imagine. As requested, I offered a few words in Moore around the theme of 2 people--referring first to noelie's father and I, then noelie's twin daughter Ana and I and then the story of Corneilius and Simon from Acts.  And then Ana and I sang the "Siiga Songo" song about the Holy Spirit.

3. Former Dargo PCV Bob McCormick. He should be so proud. We visited another of his wells in town that is still working fine and heavily used. Also visited his house the now houses the Police.  Check out the pics to come from Feb 10-13!

4. Another great connection in process. Just got an email and spoke with BF rpcv Anne Knight in Germany.  In small world department, she works for former US ambassador to BF and great guy Tony Holmes.  I think she is coming to Ouahigouya next Saturday, thanks in part to some visa and car rental help in Ouaga from Christophe's brother Gideon. Bravo Anne!


Stay tuned for more updates!