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Update # 7

Updates by Michael Lavoie

Thursday wasa day with quiet but moving achievment for the women of nsb.

First, though, I did a community walkaround to see prior projects.  Took pics of the water pump that is still doing fine after 4 years. Also some pics of swing set and play structures at the school. Stillheavily in action.  Pics of garden too, planted already cabbage, carrots onoins and bean--nothing has come up yet. And pictures of the solar plaque and marked of soccer field, now also with a track and long jump around it.

Then to Nsb: First, took pics of the sewing machine and the courtyard wall.  Part of wall--about 15 feet, was washed out in September flood. Then had a discussion with Noelie about the market. It reaches about 15-20 women customers in nearby regio + numerous local women.  It reaches in ouaga, where micheline has found many sales through school and other companies. Not formally elsewhere except in Michigan.  Later discussed same subject with nsb when I read Lynn's letter.
Explained need for a report and plan for future projects.

Then, we all went inside the studio and watched the Crankrook weaving "Beautiful Day" video.  Watched it twice. So good. Then presented the cranbrook box of letters and weaving supplies.they loved them. So thrilled to know they are not alone.  (Noelie explained that later to me). Then, I read Lynn's letter. The room trembled with excitement throughout.
So very good. Then did a video of nsb with singing. Again, it was zemsame(just) to do so.

Finished with a circled hands formation, trying to sub in for lynn as best I might.

I went for a walk and the nsb met to discuss and decide their future plans for a couple hours.

It will all continue to turn to great good.


Stay tuned for more updates!