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About the Friends of Burkina Faso

Mission - Board of Directors - Project Leaders - Corporate Bylaws

Friends of Burkina Faso, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable NPCA-affiliated organization

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Board of Directors

Michael Lavoie, '75-'77

Vice President
Lyndsey Wilson-Wiliams,'01-'03

Suzanne Plopper, '67-'69

Helen Shore, '03-'05

Technology Chair
Guy Fipps, '75-'77

Community Relations Chair
Kristie McComb, '00-'02

Projects Chair
Tom Vollrath, '67-'70

Technology Committee

Website Content Editor
John Sneed, '67-'69

Database Coordinator
Tajanay Ki, '01-'03

Community Relations Committee

NPCA Liaison

Newsletter Editors
Amanda Sweeney, '05-'07
Kevin Sweeney, '05-'07

PC-BF Liaison

ABURWA Liaison
Drissa Dao, Burkinabe

Projects Committee

Molly (Chambers) Burress, '99-'01
Bob Coffey, '67-'69
Drissa Dao, Burkinabe
Paul Dowling, '97-'00
Tom Fox, '67-'69
Drew Gower, '03-'05
Anastasia Hopkinson, '67-'69
Michael Kolber, '03-'05
David Noyes, '06-'08
Suzanne Plopper, '67-'69
Shenandoah Sampson, '05-'07
Tom Vollrath, '67-'70,
Etienne Yonly, Burkinabe

Do you have a question about the Friends of Burkina Faso?  Please write to our Community Relations Chair at

Do you have a question about your FBF membership?  Please write to our Membership Coordinator at