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Message from the President

Dear Friends of Burkina Faso,

I hope the transition from summer to fall is treating you well! 

I am writing today to share with you the news that one of our members, Curtis Cushman, has published a new book that focuses partly on his time in Bobo Dioulasso entitled The Bobo Marché.  The book is a collection of poems and stories from his time in West and Central Africa many years ago.  

"In the sprawling, color-rife and often bewildering market of Bobo-Dioulasso in today's Burkina Faso stands a metaphor for the selections in this book. Only the first eponymous poem takes place in the market itself. Others are scattered from a landscape blistered by a classic and tragic drought of the deep forest of the Equator. Here is set the final story, which captures the mythic tales of an African storyteller."

What’s even more exciting news is that Mr. Cushman has graciously offered to donate all proceeds from the sale of his book to the Friends of Burkina Faso between now and January 15, 2012.  That's 100% of the sale of each and every book that is generated through our organization!  

We hope you’ll consider purchasing this book—both for the chance to reconnect with Burkina Faso and to support the work of our organization.  

The Bobo Marché

There are several ways to order the book in hard copy or e-format—see the websites below or use the order form:


·         Rose Dog Bookstore:

·         Google Books:

·         Amazon:

·         Bobo Marche order form: Click here 

If you decide to purchase this book, please email me with your name, date of order, and how many copies you ordered.  This is the way in which we will be able to determine how much FBF will receive as a result of Mr. Cushman’s generous offer!

Happy reading,


FBF Community Liaison Chair