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Message from the President

On May 15, 2012,  the Board of Directors of FBF unanimously adopted a new  and significantly improved set of Bylaws.  Here are  3 important features of the new Bylaws:


1.       Streamlined Membership And Board Election Process. Members join/renew (November-March), members elect a board of directors every 3 years (April-June) and then the board of directors selects its officers every 3 years (June-July).

2.       Larger Board and More Officer Positions. The board is expanded to 9 members with 8 modern day officer positions including the usual ones and officers for Membership, Projects, Technology and Communications. The needs and opportunities for member leadership and activism  on the Board have never been greater! Think about getting involved when Board nominations next occur in April 2013!

3.       Regular Annual Board and Member Meeting.  This usually telephonic meeting will be held between July and September each year.  From the comfort of your office or home you can learn what is going on and you can impact where FBF should go in the future. Our next annual meeting will be on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 8 pm EST.  You will all be receiving another notice of it in late June. At that time, all you will need to do is respond with your interest in joining the meeting and I will send you call-in information as well as the agenda.


Please let me know if you have any questions about the Bylaws or any other FBF  activities. Click here to see them.

Thank you all for making FBF great!



Mike Lavoie
President, Friends of Burkina Faso
RPCV Burkina Faso '75-'77