Djibo: Oasis du Sahel




Cultural atmosphere and local geography:

Djibo is pretty dry and dusty, with a lake. The population is predominantly Peul and thus Fulfulde is predominantly spoken and élévage is important. This is the capital of the Soum province. There is a substantial Mossi population with some others sprinkled in (Karumba, Bella).


How to get there and away:

From Ouaga, you can go almost directly north through Kongoussi, which is shorter but unpaved the whole way (STAF), or go through Ouahigouya (Ouaga-OHG is paved, but OHG-Djibo is not) and change busses there (STMB, SOGEBAF). 4000 CFA one way; 7000 CFA round trip.



Places to stay :



Post Office:

Open M-F 7:30 – 12 and 15:00 – 17:00, Saturday 7:30 – 12.



Nothin’ yet





Daily, relatively large and in the middle of town. Wednesday is marché day: there is a large animal market, vegetable selection is great, and the town is very crowded. The faux type factor is low




There are typical boutiques around the town but the largest are:








There are a few kiosques around (notably Kiosque Beldal and Kiosque Soutien) and meat is plentiful. Also:


Street food and snacks:

There are little “benga lady” operations around the marché; typically they offer benga, rice and sauce, and tô. Also:






Other activities

There are some movie places—a popular one is one block east of the marché



There is a traditional healer not too far from Djibo