Fada N’Gourma




Cultural atmosphere and local geography :

Fada N’Gourma is mainly inhabited by the Gulmance people, along with a smattering of Mossi and Peuhl. Although the Gulmance account for only 4.5% of the national population, they have a strong culture with much history surrounding it. The founder of Fada is said to have ridden a horse up a baobab tree and disappeared, but the horse’s hoof prints remain in the tree. Red is considered a problematic color for the Gulmance (they prefer black and white) and there is a sacred mountain in the area that a person cannot go up if he or she is wearing a red shirt. Also, the crocodiles in the barrage are considered sacred, and they may not be killed. In general, the Gulmance are thought of as a minority and looked down upon by other cultures. They are said to find their answers in the sand, because of the importance they place on traditional beliefs so maybe they should look in the sand to try to find out why Peace Corps doesn’t send more Volunteers out here.


How to get there and away :

General Distance Information: Fada-Ouaga: 220K; Fada-Bilanga: 76K; Fada-Kompienga: 137K; Fada-Matiakoali: 94K; Fada-Kantchari: 150K; Fada-Niger: 172K; Fada-Benin: 150K



Places to stay :


Post Office:

Open M-F 7:30 – 12 and 15:00 – 17:00



Highly recommended is Le Cyber Jeunes. It’s air-conditioned, the help is nice, and it’s inside a buvette. Hours: 9:00-13:00, 16:00-20:00 Monday-Friday, 10:00-20:00 Saturday. 500 CFA for 15 minutes, plus 250 CFA for each additional 15 minutes.





Marché day is every Sunday, and the Fada marché seems to offer just about the same stuff as other marches in relatively big villes




There are a couple of pretty good alimentations where you can find things like tuna in water. In general, you can support the east by buying things like Miel du Gourma (not to be confused with imitation products like Miel Naturel du Gourma), Biala drinking water, and Lait du Gourma milk and yogurt (it’s delicious).



Check with Drew or the marché.






Street food and snacks:

Drew seems to think that the best bissap in Fada comes from the lady right outside the STMB gare. Sometimes you can find a frozen lemonade-type drink sold in sachets called citron. It’s delicious, and the lady with the pretty big, saggy boobs has some of the best. The meat guy outside the internet café is good and the Lait du Gourma yogurt is always nice.





There are plenty of buvettes, but one of the nicest would have to be La Plage, not because their drinks are cold but because they’re located at the beach.


Recreational activities:

You can find prostitutes at Melrose Please, and there is an abandoned movie theater.



There is a pastor who lives near a tower, and he has three pretty big turtles living under a car in his yard. Drew named them.


Additional information:

We often meet each other and go vulture watching at Auberge Liberte. They have very oily, mediocre food, and sometimes the young girls on staff catfight. Any other information on Fada can be found through Drew, and he can be reached most days at Miel du Gourma, and he can connect you to some cool local artisans.