Cultural atmosphere and local geography (language, ethnicities, unique characteristics):

  1. Gourounsi, Bissi, Mossi, Peuhl, lots of recent migration

How to get there and away (major bus stations with schedules and prices, taxi brousse options):

  1. Ouaga to Leo: TSR or bush taxi: 2000 CFA

Places to stay (prices, location, description):

  1. Hotel des Impots (3000 CFA): On main road into town before centre-ville on right.

Post Office:

  1. Behind the dispensaire/CSPS en ville (a bit hidden—just ask)

Internet (times, prices, location, connection speed):

  1. One new place in a telecentre in centre-ville




  1. Marché day is every Saturday in centre-ville.



  1. Everywhere; you can get most anything.



Restaurants: No Information at This Time


Street food and snacks: No Information at This Time




Bars: No Information at This Time


  1. Nazinga Game Park & Forêt de Sissili not far away
  2. Hippo ponds in Dassanga
  3. Sacred Caiman in Sapouy