Cultural atmosphere and local geography (language, ethnicities, unique characteristics):

  1. Mossi, Peuhl.  Mooré and French spoken.

How to get there and away (major bus stations with schedules and prices, taxi brousse options):

  1. Ouaga to Manga: Rakieta twice daily (by Grande Marché) or bush taxi throughout the day (Gare Routière)

1500 CFA, 100 km., about 2-3 hours

Places to stay (prices, location, description):

  1. Auberge de L’Amitie (Built in 2005)

Double rooms: Fan 4800 with communal toilets, A/C 12,500 with toilets in room
Very nice! Clean and new!

Post Office:

  1. When arriving on paved road from Ouaga, on right hand side before reaching “centre ville”

Internet (times, prices, location, connection speed):

  1. At Lycée, open to public on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings 3-5:00 during school year; more availability during the summer.  Great connection, 500 FCFA/hour.  Contact the Proviseur of the Lycée for additional hours.
  2. Another cyber café in town with slow connection




  1. Every three days


  1. Two large ones by the marché.  Others scattered around.




  1. Restaurant at Auberge de L’Amitie is good, quiet, clean
  2. La Fiesta is also popular.
  3. Many others scattered around


Street food and snacks:

  1. All available by season: fruit, peanuts, grilled corn, fried cakes, sesame cakes, fish, meat, etc.
  2. To, rice and sauce, etc. available throughout day and in evening around marché.




  1. La Fiesta (restaurant, dancing)
  2. Others scattered around town


  1. Artisan Center in Manga
  2. Nazenga Game Park outside of Po (50-41-36-17)  Known for elephant and bird sitings.  Must rent a car to enter park.  Best during dry season.
  3. Sawana Resort between Manga and Nobéré (15 miles).  Scheduled to be completed in 2006.
  4. Safari 2000 Campement in Nobere, located next to Po National Park
  5. Village of Tiebele, 30 km. from Po.  Historical site, tours given.