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Cultural atmosphere and local geography:

Dominant Mossi culture, but many other ethnicities are also here (Samo, Gourounsi, Lobi, etc)

Languages spoken: French, Moore, some Jula (derivative of Bambara)


How to get there and away:


Places to stay:

Please note: only Peace Corps Burkina volunteers are allowed to sleep at the transit house, but other volunteers/visitors are welcome to hang out during the day.


Post Office:

Grande Post downtown (M-F 8am-12pm, 3pm-5pm; Sat 8-12- for mailing letters only) other post offices seem to follow the Monday-Friday schedules, but possibly closed on Saturdays. (If you don't have a box, there is a man that packages things up to be shipped for 500-1000 CFA. Coming in the entrance, ask at the desk on the right.) There are also post offices in Dassasgho at the corner of Charles de Gaulle and the Circulaire, and on Charles de Gaulle near the intersection with Babanguida, just down from Surface Alimentation.



Dependable connections next to the grand post (across the street from the Verdoyant) and diagonal from Café Zaka (next to the fish market). Hole in the wall places everywhere, just ask. 500-1000 CFA/hr.





La Grande Marche to reopen sometime after burning down in 2003. Go to Marina Market (50 31 09 65) or Scimas downtown, near the grande mosque (same street, maybe three blocks apart) for all cheese, meat, ice cream, other needs (closed from 12 to 3). Bookstores: DIACFA- kind of behind SCIMAS, across from the Grande Marche PAGES - downtown, somewhat near the grand poste



Everywhere. Will almost always have spaghetti, tomato paste, peanuts, cigarettes, Nescafe, matches, kerosene, candles, candy, bars of soap and laundry detergent, envelopes and paper, etc.




Film developing: have had the best luck at ADC near Marina Market. Lotte Photo across from Scimas takes a bit longer, but also does a good enough job.





Most larger buvettes have eats in the afternoons and evenings, but here are a few notables from the recommendations and favorites of Bobo Stage Goers:

*somewhat expensive = 2500+ for most plates


Street food and snacks:

all usually ~ 100 CFA per plate on the street, depending on quantity or if there is meat: Rice and Beans (Benga), Rice and Sauce (Riz Sauce), To and sauce, Atteike, Spaghetti, Rice and tomato sauce (Riz Gras), Snacks- Peanuts and dates everywhere, semi-easy to find dried mangoes.





There are many. Here are the favorites from the Bobo Stagieres (these are all bars you can dance in):


Recreational activities: