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Annual dues ($15) for The Friends of Burkina Faso are due by February 1 of each year.If you would like to join the National Peace Corps Association at the same time as you join FBF, please include another $35 (total $50 for the two organizations). The Friends of Burkina Faso will ensure that NPCA receives your dues promptly as well as put you on the mailing list for Burkina Connection.

Please click here, fill out the form, and return it to the address indicated at your earliest convenience. Thanks for joining us and thank you for your generous contributions which allow FBF to fund innovative grassroots projects around Burkina - a country close to all of our hearts!

Calling all recent Burkina RPCVs--Welcome Home!

Congratulations on completing your Peace Corps service. We are happy to welcome you back to the United States. We know that leaving Burkina is not always easy so we want to help you stay connected. Please take advantage of your free FBF and NPCA memberships during your first year back from Burkina. Fill out the recent returnee membership form and get involved--we can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our community!

Also, please join our FREE list serve and keep up with Burkina happenings!

Stay abreast of Burkina and Peace Corps related news, events and happenings around the U.S. Join our FBF list serve and never miss another key announcement!

Do you have a question about the Friends of Burkina Faso?  Please write to our Community Relations Chair at

Do you have a question about your FBF membership?  Please write to our Membership Coordinator at