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Friends of Burkina Faso Project Activities

FBF’s outreach program endeavors to provide opportunities for Burkinabés to empower themselves and improve the quality of their lives, especially those living in rural areas.  Listed below are brief summaries of recent projects funded by our organization.  For more details on these and other projects that have received FBF support, read issues of our newsletter, The Burkina Connection, and/or theannual “Project Letters" below.


Introducing Computers and the Internet to High School Students

FBF extended a two-year grant to assist the Provincial High School in Koudougou launch a computer-science program, install a laboratory, and develop a computer curriculum for secondary school students--the first of its kind in Burkina Faso. The school is making good use of the software and hardware FBF sent to the school. Many students, and even some faculty members, have acquired basic computer skills and most everyone has been exposed to the Internet for the first time.

Post-secondary training/education for girls

FBF supports girls’ post secondary training/education in primary school teacher training, nursing and midwifery training and university education.  Competition for our scholarships from qualified girls is keen.

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Lambs Support Girls' Education Project

FBF’s financial support of the Lambs Support Girls’ Education Project enables village girls in northern Burkina Faso to enter public primary school. The project buys a lamb and school materials for a girl’s first year of school. It requires parents to raise, sell and purchase lambs to pay for their daughters’ school needs the following 12 years of school.

School Lunch Program at the Lycée Moderne de l’Amitié

Top graduates from the “Lambs” school extend their education by attending the Lycée Moderne de l’Amitié, a secondary school near Ouaghigouya.  These girls, on average, walk six kilometers to attend class.  FBF subsidizes lunches for these students because their parents are unable to provide them with noon-day meals during school days.

Promoting Literacy Through the Arts

FBF purchased books for the three primary schools in the rural village of Lanfiera.  It also funded a workshop enabling teachers in the local schools to exchange ideas about how to become more effective instructors in the classroom.

Construction of the Yelbouga pharmacy

Community leaders in Yelbouga requested assistance from FBF to help finance the construction of a pharmacy adjacent to the local health clinic.  FBF elected to support this initiative.  The pharmacy relieves congestion, improves efficiency, and, most importantly, increases the availability of medication, such as ibuprofen, penicillin, and malaria prophylaxis to local residents and adjacent villages.

Supporting Social Entrepreneurship

FBF chose to support a nursery/forestry project developed by Burkinabé Ashoka fellow, OUEDRAOGO René Christophe.  Ashoka is a non-profit organization that has promoted social entrepreneurship throughout the world. The overarching goals of the project are to mobilize youth and develop a rural economy around forestry products located in the Bendatoege zone near Pabré.

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